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Yogini, a mom to a little Ksenia and an art restorer by profession. Izabela is half Polish, and half Greek. Iza started her yoga journey in 2012 in Greece, where she lived until her mid- 20’s. She’s been teaching in Krakow since 2017, and from time to time takes groups on retreats to Greece.

Owner / teacher

Monika, the co-owner of Joga Centrum, leads weekly vinyasa & yin classes, mostly in English. Monika’s life’s dharma is a life of service, creating a safe and gloriously inspiring space for others. It brings her joy when students can heal, release, cleanse the body and the mind to find their greatest potential.

general Manager

A native of Bielsko Biala. A papery- stores addict. Angelika is an active listener, and loves to share her knowledge of business-related topics. She’s a huge fan of Batman, and even named her cat Gotham. ‘ I have to go back, Gotham needs me!’ - is her favorite quote. 

Fascia Yoga

Boguslaw, a professional physiotherapist, has studied fascia yoga with Wojciech Karczmarzyk, the creator of Fascia Yoga Integral Method, since 2018. He encourages his students to have courage to change what’s within our control, and accept what isn’t, while honoring the natural rhythms of one’s body and mind.


Franny Chandra- yoga instructor from New Delhi, India, with a teaching experience spanning for over 10 years. Franny completed his 300 hour Teacher Training at the International Sivananda School of Yoga in 2012, followed with an Advanced Teacher Training course of 500 hours in 2014. Franny also completed Vinyasa Yoga course in 2014. He finished his one month course in yoga science and wellness from International Murarji Desia National Institute of yoga in 2015.

Vinyasa i Ashtanga I hatha I yin I face yoga

Monika began her yoga practice in 2016 in Krakow and only a year later she decided to attend and complete a 200 hours teacher training in India. She studied vinyasa and hatha yoga at a Sarvaguna Yoga Studio in Goa. After this she was traveling for few years around Asia, New Zealand and Europe.

Joga terapeutyczna

Maria is a certified hatha yoga instructor, seasoned with many years of experience in the Iyengar method. She specializes in therapeutic yoga, and has been working for the last 10 years with post- cancer patients, and people with mobility issues. Her clients include many athletes and actors- people who use their body as a tool for work and career.


Software engineer, musician, freelance researcher. Started practicing Hatha Yoga in 2010, Taichiquan style Chen 2014. Denis' main interests are the integral methods of the development of the Conscious Being, traditional and modern techniques of working with the psyche, various kinds of eastern gymnastics and martial arts, neurobiology, biophysics, cosmology, etc.

Yin Yoga

My whole life I thought that exercising was not for me until I discovered yoga. From the very beginning, I knew it would play a significant part in my life. Over time, it became obvious to me that I needed to share the benefits of yoga and especially the joy it brings. Having frequented my mat for years as a student, I decided to attend a yin yoga teacher course.

Vinyasa i Yin joga I elementy medycyny Chińskiej

Rodowita krakowianka, po 16 latach pobytu w Manchesterze wróciłam do naszego magicznego miasta. Już od pierwszego spotkania z jogą wiedziałam, że chcę się nią dzielić. Ukończyłam 270-godzinny kurs nauczycielski Yoga Alliance – pod okiem Stephanie Millar – Kopyar i Dominika Trznadla. Korzystam z jogi w walce z uzależnieniem i dla ukojenia ciała, duszy i umysłu. Uwielbiam przekazywać to dalej. 

Magdalena Krzemień

reception service

Z zamiłowania i wykształcenia jest archeologiem zajmującym się kulturą Majów. Od kilku lat prowadzi badania podwodne w Gwatemali łącząc tym samym swoje główne zainteresowania: archeologię na ziemiach Majów z archeologią podwodną. Uwielbia sport i aktywność fizyczną – przez długie lata zarówno grała, jak i nauczała tenisa ziemnego oraz pływania. 

Vinyasa i ashtanga

My yoga journey started in 2006 and I immediately knew that one day I would become a teacher. I have completed the "Academic Yoga" teacher training course, and started to teach classes in 2015. To further my exploration of yoga, I regularly participate in ashtanga and vinyasa yoga workshops, anatomy courses, and above all, I learn from my own daily practice and from my students.

Joga powięziowa i Vinyasa

Anna Kwietniak has been leading regular yoga sessions for several years, learning from various styles to make the practice a natural part of life. She participated in a teacher training course in Iyengar method (2018-2021), being taught precision and accuracy by Romek Grzeszykowski.

Visiting teacher and co-owner

Ania Lesniak born in Poland, based in New York, is the founder of Daya Yoga Studio in Brooklyn, where for over 11 years she spreads her love and yoga teachings to the local and world community.

Yoga and Movement lover.

Hatha joga i Joga powięziowa

Ilona Łyżwa, previously a school teacher and a corporate employee, has been teaching yoga since 2017, after attending the teacher training led by Ewa Wardzała and Natasza Moszkowicz. In 2019 she did Facia Yoga Training led by Wojciech Karczmarzyk. Yoga fascinates her as a spiritual development, path of life, ongoing process of being in touch with herself, which awakes awareness and sheds light to the inaccessible parts of the body. She believes that yoga is a light that once lit will never dim. 


Anna Kwietniak has been leading regular yoga sessions for several years, learning from various styles to make the practice a natural part of life. She participated in a teacher training course in Iyengar method (2018-2021), being taught precision and accuracy by Romek Grzeszykowski.


Alina completed her yoga teacher training in Nepal. Before she moved to Krakow, she was an owner of a yoga studio in Ukraine. Alina teaches aerial (hammock) and hatha yoga. She also plays various instruments for most relaxing sound bath experiences.


Paulina is a long- time practitioner of yoga. She has started with the Iyengar approach that taught her all about the precise alignment of the human body in asanas. Afterwards she has shifted to more dynamic forms that synchronized movement with breath. She now practices, and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Krama methods.


I started my yoga journey back in 2008 during my studies in Mexico City at my local gym. I was immediately amazed at the difference I felt in myself after class. 

Vinyasa i Joga powięziowa

Sport, movement and fitness are crucial parts of my life. I am so grateful to my Parents, who greatly encouraged my passion and training playing volleyball. I’ve been playing volleyball and beach volleyball for about 8 years, with discipline and commitment. 


I am a medical physicist and molecular biologist by training. Yoga came into my life 8 years ago, as a cure for daily stress and body stiffness. It was then that I first heard myself. I stayed on this path of development, slowly and patiently making changes in my life. Along the way I met wonderful teachers, each of whom left a part of themselves, while encouraging me to discover my own individual path. 

Vinyasa i Yin Yoga

Nauczyciel jogi, na macie kilkanaście lat. Z wykształcenia biolog, dietetyk, doświadczenia te skierowały ją na ścieżkę naturopatii, którą się obecnie zajmuje. Poza matą szczęśliwa żona, w wolnym czasie doskonali formę w gimnastyce sportowej. W przeszłości podróżująca po świecie.

Hatha joga i Vinyasa

Paulina agrees with Krishnamacharya, who said- ‘If you can breathe, you can practice yoga’. She’d love to persuade everyone to explore the practice, and especially those who think they can’t. While she got her certification in therapeutic yoga, she completed the thesis on yoga in hospice facilities. She is also certified in hatha, vinyasa and nidra teacher trainings.

Vinyasa i Hatha joga

Certified Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher. She started her yoga journey in 2015 and fell in love with the practice. Milena shares the joy and harmony of yoga by conducting classes since 2019. In the meantime that passion for bending and stretching led her to organize an acrobatic club for children. During her classes, she encourages the students to find softness, lightness and space in the body and mind. 


Karolina rozpoczęła swoją jogową przygodę w 2018 roku. Zwykła ciekawość i chęć ruchu okazały się być trwałą zmianą stylu życia, wejściem na jogową ścieżkę duchową a praktyka jogi stałym elementem w jej codzienności. Próbując różnych stylów jogi dosyć szybko stało się dla niej jasne, że to Ashtanga ją wybrała i to właśnie ta metoda jest jej praktyką własną. Joga to jej największa pasja, narzędzie samopoznania i samodoskonalenia. 


Hi! My name is Ania. I teach yoga and how to breathe. I finished 300h Integral Yoga Teacher training in June 2021 and since then I share movement with others. During the class we will strengthen our bodies together with expanding the range of our motion. The foundation of the practice I teach is dynamic vinyasa yoga mixed with some static movement, sometimes coordination play and always breath work. 

Tantra joga i Yin joga i Ashtanga mysore

Loves intensely and passionately - yoga, learning foreign languages, cats, the art of touch, bodywork, connecting with people. Constantly on the move, constantly in the process of exploration on how to help others awaken to sensations and consciousness. Marta is a tamed chaos. When she shares her yoga passion with others, she combines calm she finds in yin yoga, proprioception of fascia yoga and meditations of tantric origin with ashtanga’s inner fire. She incorporates into her work the practices of tantra and shamanism she learns from Anand Rudra. 

Yin joga i Yin yang

I am a teacher of yin yoga and ying yang practice. I strongly believe we may feel freedom in relationships with our bodies every day as long as we decide to take care of ourselves. Joga is my passion. Thanks to this practice I can experience the most mindful and beautiful journey towards myself and overcome many obstacles that I have in my body. I believe that our body shows us what happens inside our minds and daily lives. 

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