We accept Multisport Cards Plus, Student and Senior, Medicover (with an additional pay of 10 zł) and a CLASS PASS.

25 zł - First time visit- new client 

45 zł - One single entry

145 zł - 4 visits pass

135 zł - 4 visits pass STUDENT

175 zł - 6 visits pass

215 zł - 8 visits pass

255 zł -10 visits pass

375 zł - OPEN pass

275 zł - 8 visits pass EXTENDED (valid for 3 months)

*Please note each pass (except for the 3- month one) is valid for 30 days. It starts on the day of your first visit, not the day of purchase. We do not freeze or extend the validity of passes. Unused entries are non transferable. Pass cannot be used by another person.

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