Piotr Pieniążek

Sport, movement and fitness are crucial parts of my life. I am so grateful to my Parents, who greatly encouraged my passion and training playing volleyball. I’ve been playing volleyball and beach volleyball for about 8 years, with discipline and commitment.That greatly helped me to develop a physical stamina and mental strength. Spirituality, existential thoughts and philosophical discussions were also my “hobbies” growing up. With time, my main interest turned into yoga, which gave me more freedom and comfort. It also allowed me to make more use of my abilities. Currently, apart from yoga, I’m training qi gong and kung fu. During my classes I put emphasis on diversity of exercises, sense of humor (according to the rule “when I’m smiling, I don’t feel any pain”), commitment to training and acceptance that “every day is different”. In my opinion it’s always worth to do our best in anything- and our best can change at times. Sometimes it means being fully engaged and sometimes taking rest. I think that writing sophisticated words is one thing, but more important is actions. See you on the mat!

teacher-led classes