Close your eyes. Now imagine a friendly space, always waiting for you with open arms, full of warmth, kindness and smiles. This space is a hub for exchanging thoughts, contemplations, and kind words by a multicultural bunch of curious souls.

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We are an international Yoga Studio

We run classes for everyone, at various levels in Polish, English and Spanish


Mamy trzy siedziby: w samym centrum Krakowa przy ul. Biskupiej 18, w Bronowicach – przy ul. Armii Krajowej 16, w budynku “Newton” oraz w Nowej Hucie na os. Zgody 7.

various levels

We run a variety of yoga classes - from basic to advanced level, also on-line.


We organize a multitude of workshops and retreats. To keep up to date with those, make sure you are following us on social media and that you’re signed up to our newsletter.


In addition to the above, you can join our weekly community classes every weekend. These classes are free and we’ll collect free donations, all of which go directly to a charity of choice. Each month we pick a different charity.

When is a good time to do yoga?

It's never too late to start practicing

Why practice yoga?
You will feel better
You'll keep stress under control
You will get an energy boost
You will unwind and relax

Diversity is our ethos. Our team is international which allows us to have classes in many languages:

Our Classes

Our varied offering means you can be sure to find something that suits you.

Our Teachers

Do you want to start an active adventure with us?

"If you can breathe, you can do yoga"

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

owner / teacher

"I adore Joga Centrum. They have a wide selection of classes, a friendly atmosphere, great teachers, multi language classes and brilliant events."

"Best yoga school in Krk! I love this place and I’m so glad that I found it. It makes me feel at home."

"Fantastic place, great classes, amazing teachers. Highly recommended!"

"High level of classes and an unbelievably friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended - no 1 in Krakow!"

"A quaint and cozy place, super friendly atmosphere and full professionalism. Makes a pleasant change from all the fitness clubs!"

"Incredible people, inspiring teachers, homely atmosphere without being stuck up. You can really tell that it’s a group of people who love what they do and happily share their gift with the world."

"This place has a brilliant atmosphere. The people are incredibly understanding an friendly. You can have delicious tea before and after your class."

"Great teachers, amazing atmosphere, huge array of classes - something for everyone. A class for all levels with no judgment or criticism."

"Joga Centrum isn’t just about yoga it’s also about PEOPLE! Full professionalism, high quality and above all an atmosphere second to none."

workshops and events

Come with us on a trip or come to a workshop.

We invite everyone without exception

We have been making up this inclusive community for over 20 years and plan to be around for much longer. Thai is the place that will likely make you understand what yoga is really about, how it can bring peace and harmony to your life as well as soothe the mind, the body and soul.

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