HANDSTAND workshop with Haytham Hmiedat

Starts 26 września 2020
Ends 3 października 2020

9:00 - 12:00

ul. Armii Krajowej 16 - Newton

Early Bird (sign up till 6th of September) 375 zł for BOTH dates Regular Price (after Sep. 6th) 400 zł Or you can sign up for each part separate - 250 zł

We invite you to join our Handstand Workshop in TWO PARTS held on Saturday the 26th of September (First Part) and Saturday, the 3rd of October (Second Part). Each day will be from 9 am to 12.
Our workshop is directed towards yoga practitioners as well as yoga Instructors.
The workshop will be in English.
First part
• Preparing for the handstand
• getting used to being upside down
• core stability
• variations of handstand positions
• opening the shoulders
• spine flexibility
• opening the hips
If you’re a beginner and would like to do the handstand, you will learn step by step how to prepare your shoulders, spine and hips and how to Handstand. If you are a teacher, you will learn necessary techniques on how to help your students build the range of motion to reach correct handstand position.
Second Part:
• variations of the handstand
• handstand balancing
• building the one arm strength
• core awareness
• Pancake Stretch
• Standing Handstand Press
Please note that to sign up for the second part, you must have a regular yoga practice.
If you would like to take your handstand to the next level or to safely assist your students in learning the inversion, this is a place for you. You will learn how to control and balance your body and how to build awareness in Handstand and its variations.
Early Bird (sign up till 6th of September) 375 zł for BOTH dates
Regular Price (after Sep. 6th) 400 zł
Or you can sign up for each part separate – 250 zł
HAYTHAM HMIEDAT who has been working with handstands, spine, hip, and shoulders mobility for 5 years now, and helped many to correct their posture and improve handstand variations. Haytham’s experience comes from Gymnastics and a lot of other aspects of different sports. Haytham’s life was based on a playful and entertaining way of practice that built his passion for it and he’s very much open for sharing his passion with others.
What does Haytham focuses on?
– Posture correction
– Spine mobility
– Shoulder mobility
– Hip mobility
Haytham believes that Balancing the body is essential and can be achieved by working on the posture: the spine, shoulders and the hips.
If you’re dealing with any type of back or shoulders pain, these classes are for you.
Bringing the body back to the natural way of moving will make you feel free and help you move in every way possible, using the gymnastic strength training and mobility drills that your body has never been exposed to.
Posture correction drills and shoulder opening movements based on playing and fun, body balance and handstands exercise that fits everyone on all levels.

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