Starts 19 października 2019
Ends 20 października 2019

11:00 - 20:00

ul. Biskupia 18, Kraków

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19 TH – 20 TH October 2019
Joga Centrum. Biskupia 18. Krakow
LIMITED PLACES: maximum 20 participants
ELENA CUENCA – The teacher and the therapist

For the first time in Poland, Elena Cuenca is bringing her method of Energetic Corrections and Quantum
Reprogramming. After 25 years as a holistic therapist, she is one of the most experienced energetic healers
in Spain.

This technique acts through quantum physics, beyond the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind.
Taking the Yuen Method and quantum healing as a basis, she has mixed and merged her knowledge of other
techniques (Theta Healing, PNL, Shamballa…) to make a very unique method, that is not a philosophy but a
practical technique that will enable you to reset and heal yourself and others.
Elena is the director of the Asociacion Yoga Opalo in Madrid. Apart from the techniques we’ve mentioned, she
is a Yoga teacher, a Reiki Usui master, Diksha facilitator, Matrix Master, Hebrew pendulum therapist, Bach
flowers teacher.

The basis of the Energetic Corrections is that our body functions like a “biological computer”, a prodigious
high technology piece, that has information imprinted in every cell. You will be able to delete and eliminate
conscious and subconscious fears, traumas, limitations, negative emotions that don’t allow you to enjoy life
fully. The energetic corrections will allow to implement new programs based on neutrality and balance in
relation with all that used to drag you down. At the same time, they will strengthen all the positive aspects
that will improve your life.

This method cleanses the energies of the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies.
Cleaning these energies from unwanted burdens and negative emotions will give you the control of your own
destiny, putting your wellbeing in the forefront of your priorities.

For everybody really but very clearly:
– For therapists that want to use new techniques in their practice, adding even more value to their
knowledge and offering a more complete healing to their patients.
– For all of you that want to change the patterns of your life, that want to free yourselves from inner
burdens, behaviours, insecurities, fears and all sorts of negative feelings. This technique will help you
if you want to feel empowered, free, in control of your own life, to drop the weight of the past that
you have been carried for too long. You will be also able to use the method to help other people, and
become a therapist for your family, friends…
Your life will improve at different levels, feeling stronger in aspects that are troublesome in your present (self-
confidence, relationships, work, pain…). It will help you feeling better with yourself and therefore with others.
Its effectiveness does not depend on the belief system of the person undergoing the treatment. But if you are
a spiritual person, interested in metaphysics, you will see a raise in your level of consciousness and vibration.

The course will be actually bilingual, in Spanish-English. Elena will give the course in Spanish and I will be
translating simultaneously into English.
This will also give the chance to attend to foreign people and therapists that would like to join us in the 2 day
course in Krakow.

During these two days, Elena will be teaching you the technique and at the same time the whole group will be
undergoing energetic corrections. She will activate you to be able to give and receive this energy healing.
This course will cover the first level of the Energetic Corrections technique. You will receive the material in PDF
in English before the start of the course. It will be the guidelines to put the corrections in practice.

We will cover among other things:
– The scientific foundation of the technique.
– Basic concepts involved.
– The preparation needed before starting the actual correction.
– The sentences that will be used throughout the correction.
– We will go through all the aspects that will be tested and treated in each of the subtle bodies
(Spiritual, Emotional, Telepathic, Mental , Psychological, Physical subtle bodies)
– Yuen Method triads
– Throughout the two days, Elena will be doing energetic corrections to the group. So she will be
showing every step of the way and you will be already experiencing it. Be aware that we are going to
work with energies and every person can feel the effects it in a different way. Be ready and open to

19 th -20 th October 2019
Joga Centrum. Biskupia 18. Krakow
19 th : 11.00-20.00 (1 hour lunch break plus two 15mins breaks for tea)
20 th 10.00-19.00 (1 hour lunch break plus two 15mins breaks for tea)

Total : 1500 zl
500zl – to be paid when registering to the course- Beware it won’t be reimbursable.
1000zl – to be paid on the 19 th of October.

For more info or to register please write me to margachaosm@gmail.com or send me an SMS to 48-
664856370 and I will call you as soon as possible.

Are you ready to reset and renew your energy? Join us in Krakow this autumn. Contact me soon, as
there are limited places.

Organizers: Marga Chao and Humberto Barreiro.

Medytacja Nadabrahma Osho

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