Cacao Ceremony

19 lipca 2019

19:00 - 22:00

ul. Biskupia 18, Kraków

45 zł

Connect to the ancient Medicine of the heart. Connect to your own essence.

This evening :
– We will drink Cacao – Cacao is 100% and comes form Guatemala
– Sing mantras and sacred medicine songs
– Intuitive playful movement and meditation
– We will go deep inward!

Quoting my dear friend here on Cacao as medicine of Love

„Many indigenous communities see cacao as a sacred food and connection to the divine. The essence of the cacao connects us to the dream world. For many of these communities, the dream world is where there are no physical limitations, so we’re able to explore beyond certain walls. As cacao connects us to the dream world we can use the material—cacao—to understand what’s happening on a human level while becoming aware of what’s happening beyond”.
Florencia Fridman

About Ania
:: The Human Experience ::
Ania Lesniak born in Poland, based in New York, is the founder of Daya Yoga Studio in Brooklyn, where for over 11 years she spreads her love and yoga teachings to the local and world community.

Yogi and Movement lover.
„I played Capoeira for over 7 years, danced Salsa, Swing, Tarantella and lots of Contact Improvisation, until my body was like, ok slow it down human. So here I’m in love with Yoga. Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga is my life. Daya is my Home. Daya Community is my heart.

Studied under John T, Atmananda Yoga and with Yoga Sukhavati in Brooklyn. Many amazing teachers in New York, including Rose Erin Voughan and the Ketona yoga school.
Last Year in Golden Temple, Guatemala I finally understood what Kundalini Shakti means. Reiki practitioner, intuitive healer, working with medicine of the people and herbs. Sound practitioner. I believe in providing tools for people who are interested in finding purpose in their “ human experience “ on this planet in this body, into the situation they chose to be born into……

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - Winter Yoga Retreat #1

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