Monday Yin Restoration

Some of us hate Mondays, some of us don’t; but what we all definitely have in common on a Monday is the need for some re-balancing. Our day to day lives are filled with Yang energy; might it be work deadlines, intense workouts, rushing around for our family or simply being in the heart of a busy city. The opposite of Yang is Yin and this 75 minute session is here to help you restore balance and in effect avoid burnout. Yin yoga balances the nervous system as you rest in positions held for longer. The passive nature of this practice creates the space to slow down your mind and heal. Through stimulation of your deep, dense connective tissue and joints in your body, you’ll improve your flexibility, circulation and help recover your muscles. Come along and challenge yourself in this mindful, slow movement and see how it can help you get to know yourself and your body.